Immunizing Your Healthcare Technology Against Cybersecurity Threats


Prevention is better than cure.

Cybersecurity is a critical concern for all industries in today’s digitally connected world. However, for the healthcare industry, the failure to ensure protection against cyber threats could be a matter of life and death.

According to a 2018 Thales Security Report, 77% of US healthcare organizations have been breached at some point in time. And 48% of those breaches alone have taken place in 2018.

With valuable private information and health records available, healthcare organizations can be very profitable targets for hackers. Cybercriminals are crypto mining and attacking healthcare organizations worldwide because their fast-paced environments. Large attack surfaces often mean weak links are easy to find and exploit.

Due to the digitization of health records, the healthcare industry can provide a higher quality of service without increasing costs. As more paper records move to Electronic Health Records (EHRs), hospitals and medical centers can optimize their operational efficiency. It reduces the incurred cost, increases mobility and accessibility.

However, with these benefits also come risks when moving data to the digital landscape.

  • Hacking

  • Lack of proper data protection

  • Ransomware

Hmatix’s ability to detect and respond to cyber threats can help you immunize your healthcare technology. It has the ability to understand behavior, identify anomalies, generate reports and block attacks — automatically.

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