Nearly 300 breaches last year exposed 11.5M patient records, Bitglass says

The threat to steal healthcare data is on a steady rise.


Breaches cost healthcare organizations a lot more than just lost revenue and the HIPAA fines for compromised records can be hefty. Alongside compromised patient data the brand identity of the hospital takes a big hit which discourages new customers and potentially loses current ones.

The number of reported healthcare breaches hit a three-year low of 290 in 2018, down from 294 in 2017 and 328 the previous year, according to a new report from cybersecurity firm Bitglass.

The Bitglass findings showed a similar trend of fewer incidents, but more data was compromised. That report counted 503 incidents affecting nearly 15.1 million records in 2018, versus 477 breaches and 5.6 million records the prior year.

Hacking and IT incidents not only led overall breach causes but also impacted a huge share of people – 7.72 million, or 67% of all records were compromised last year. Unauthorized access and disclosures has been the cause for more than a third of breaches which impacted 23.9% of exposed records.

The total cost of breaches went upto $4.7 billion in 2018. In 2017 the total cost came up to $1.8 billion. The average cost per breached report grew from $380 to $408. On average, organizations took 255 days to identify breaches and 103 days to bring them under control — the second longest and longest, respectively, of any industry, according to the report.

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