If Time is money, how much can you spare?


During a recent deployment at a leading Healthcare provider in California, Hmatix solution created 495 machine generated rules to completely secure Mortara Stress Treadmill - all created in an automated manner during a learning period of 2 days. 

To create similar number of rules manually in a firewall and replicate it across multiple instances, it may cost around $55,000 or more and probably half a man year, including the time taken to fix all the configuration errors. If you include the cost of performing change request, it may cost additional $3,000 per week. 

By using Hmatix solution, the customer created fine-grained enforcement in a matter of 2 days with no human intervention.  This translates to less than $2. Most importantly, IT staff saved 99% of their operational time and were re-assigned to other critical tasks requiring human intervention.  

Last but not the least, Machine learned & generated rules ensured advanced protection that would have been otherwise time consuming to create, practically impossible to attain the level of precision, and most likely will be prone to errors, when done manually.  

Takeaway from this deployment experience is significant.

Customers should be able to determine tangible benefits immediately when they deploy cyber security solutions.  It is possible to have quality protection without costing an arm and a leg.