Hmatix cybersecurity audit

Cybersecurity audit plays an critical role for organizations to assess their existing security posture and identify opportunities to strengthen them. It is an integral part of risk assessment, which according to NIST, is used by Organizations primarily to determine the extend of the potential threat and risk associated with an IT system throughout its Software Development Life Cycle.

Risk is often defined as a function of the possibility that a threat-actor exploit a particular vulnerability, and the effect of that adverse event on the organization.

You can’t protect what you can’t see.

Therefore to assess the risk, it is important to have a complete visibility into actors operating in the network and their respective security postures.

This is particularly crucial for OT networks, in Healthcare and manufacturing. Cybersecurity audit can help to determine the likelihood of a serious security breach, by analyzing the existing security posture .

Hmatix offers cybersecurity audit service that can identify actors, vulnerabilities, threats, and network configuration issues. Our decentralized approach lets us identify exact device behaviors for a granular view of device activity.

Following are the key benefits of Hmatix cybersecurity audit service.

  • Comprehensive auto-reporting at the device level help security admin to have a complete visibility of the device operational behavior.

  • Help organizations to drive additional risk assessment workflows and deep dive reviews to further refine their risk preparedness.

  • Plays a critical role in meeting HIPAA ,PCI-DSS, Federal and State Law audit requirements.

  • Crucial for legacy devices that can’t be patched.

Sample  security assessment report  for a medical device.

Sample security assessment report for a medical device.

Legacy device audit

Hmatix can provide security assessment reports for legacy medical devices which are difficult to patch for vulnerabilities.


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