Hmatix Edge

Behavior-based edge firewall for medical devices, ICS and IoT

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Modern threats have caused the perimeter of your network to move to individual devices.

hmatix edge perimeter

You need a fresh approach to individual device protection.

Hmatix lets you “patch the unpatchable” with the only solution that provides in-line protection for all devices, including proprietary and closed systems.




99% less cost to secure devices

vs manual ACL and Firewall rules


99% less time spent on noise and false positives



100% accurate MAC-based device fingerprinting

Miles better than the competition




Cybersecurity for the age of AI

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Every device, every network.


No rip & replace.


No integrations required to block traffic.


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Solution Brief

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Multi-layered endpoint protection for healthcare

Hmatix provides complete security coverage irrespective of type of medical devices or how they connect to the network.

  • Hmatix Edge for complete 1 to 1 protection for medical device

  • Hmatix Fedge defends the medical wiring closet

  • Hmatix Wedge for secure medical wireless mobility

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Cost of security

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