Trial overview

Discover the benefits of the Hmatix Edge in your own network with zero-configuration deployment. Hmatix does not require network changes or rip-and-replace of existing infrastructure.

The Hmatix trial starts with 10 Edge devices configured for either cloud- or appliance-based deployment. The package also includes accessories, deployment guide, setup guide and FAQ sheet.

Additionally, Hmatix Support will be ready to answer any questions you have during the deployment of your trial.

Deployment basics

The Hmatix Edge is installed between the device to be protected and the network port on the wall or switch. It needs to be routable to the Hmatix Controller (appliance or cloud).

On installation, the Edge is pass-through, meaning network traffic is not affected. Only once protection is enabled does the Edge start filtering network traffic.

More deployment and usage information is available in the trial package.

Expected results

  • Hmatix learns device behavior and autonomously generates rules to block anomalous traffic.

  • Hmatix secures devices by restricting access to learned IPs, MACs and ports.

  • Hmatix provides detailed device information (for example: IP and MAC address, open ports, services and OS).

  • Hmatix generates reports on device- and network-wide activity to uncover issues and insights.


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